Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bollywood Actress Chitrangda’s incident is an attack on womanhood?

Vikram Kapoor

Bollywood actress Chitrangda Singh has been highlighted by the entertainment section of most of the newspapers and online media in the recent times. The actress accused director Kushan Nandy of forcing her to lean on actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui repeatedly with her petticoat on. If sources are to be believed, the beautiful actress also claimed that the director uttered crass language as he was not satisfied with the shot of the heroine of his upcoming movie, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz.
Chitrangda who was also quoted saying that she walked out of the film also alleged that Kushan wanted her to re-shoot the intimate scene in a Bindaas manner, for which she said, “Who is a Bindaas woman? One who wears a petticoat and jumps on a man?”
Allegations, controversies and media acting as an image spoiling agency for the celebrities are daily affair in Bollywood, so being a public figure, a sports personality or carrying the tag of an actor or actress is not easy in India. If they are appreciated and loved by the fans, they are also the one who are most hated and criticized by the public if trapped in any controversy. 

Our country is full of talent, and creativity exists everywhere from a small village to big cities. So the god gift creativity cannot be just linked to one’s profession. Actresses coming from different backgrounds from small or big towns try hard to give bold and challenging performances before camera should rather be encouraged than being exploiting them. 

In the recent times, heroines like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Rani Mukerji has been seen doing eye opening women oriented films like Mary Kom, Neerja and Mardaani that clearly depicted the outstanding success and courage of Indian women. Some of these kind of films may not have rocked the box office but they are the great source of inspiration and a must watch for all.

No matter who is wrong or right here but if the recent allegations by the actress is true then it’s a big attack on womanhood once again. If we would throw light on the heinous crime against women like ‘Sathi Pratha’ and ‘Women Foeticide’, and ‘Stoning of women’ in the past, to the present scenario of Rape and Human trafficking. Today, they are facing everyday issues like eve teasing, discrimination at work place, bad treatment with domestic helpers and many more.

It’s a high time now to uproot the antisocial elements who are not literate enough to respect women. The old generation should remember their sacrifices, the present generation should learn for their equal treatment so that the future generation will not tolerate any such crime against women in our society.

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