Friday, January 16, 2015

More than just a Politics in India Now


Multiple parties are not only creating identity for themselves but at the same time they are confusing people.

India where politicians plays politics of vote (Vote ki Raajniti) is big fight between their competitors but do Aam aadmi really get something? Recollect some of the old memories when Anna Hazare fought for the corruption and Lokpal bill which is still not implemented totally.

Arvind Kejriwal won this game of politics and people blindly gave their vote to Aam Admi Party. Without giving any promises to the people of Delhi, he implemented many of his works which people liked.

Not only this but corruption flowing down the lanes of Delhi has been observed by the commoners during his 49 days tenure as a Chief Minister of New Delhi.

No, matter the individual come out with good intentions to work for society but at the end, they get strains of corrupt and dishonest personality with several other allegations around.
As far as the recent Prime Minister campaign of BJP is concerned, PR firms were involved in it.

Both BJP and Congress had their separate PR companies to get them more popularity among the voters. It was therefore not less than selling a product and advertising for the same. With the only option of BJP and Congress with the public, people of India couldn’t find the party which should be for the people, of the people and by the people.

Arvind kejriwal was from the team of Anna and due to his non political and corrupt free background, he was able to collect the love of people in the form of vote in Delhi. Though public gave him love, he also expressed them with the same.

In every press meeting or public places, he said, people has the power and people of this country can make government with their vote but when AAP took support from Congress,  the situation went upside down in people’s mind.

They were not able to figure out that the person who blamed congress for its failure is now taking support from congress. This is still a question mark among many of the Indians.

The another mistake of Kejriwal when he left the resigned as a Chief minister after 49 days disappointed his followers up to a great extent. But many of his supporters who never imagined getting into politics have jumped into it.

Infact, people started assuming that AAP is their own party which also influenced the youngsters.
Modi was another political figure who had contributed in the development of Gujarat and people were satisfied with his idea of development and implementing the same.

With the chance of BJP to win after the congress had lost faith from the people, they lost election in many of their state election.

Modi was the only suitable PM candidate from BJP as LK Advani had left the politics. Though Modi is a good speaker, he won hearts of crores of Indians.

It was like a trend in Indian politics that many people leave one party and join other. The same scenario was also seen with the very new AAP, some of its members left the party and joined BJP recently.

Recently when Prime minister said that Arvind call himself as Anarchist so people like him should join the gunmen’s in the Jungles.  But, again the question is if Arvind is not suitable to become a ruler? Why the people India’s capital has supported them?

Do you think the people of India do not have political awareness and the situation is somewhat similar to the Gandhi era?

With all these statements of BJP and AAP, Don’t you think people may confuse to give vote to their right representative? So the ball is in your court, what next after Kejriwal? Is it Kejriwal again or someone else?

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