Woody Allen’s iconic 1975 play God was recently staged

The play starts with the playwright (Hepatitis) busily writing the script. An actor (Diabetes) enters and peeps at Hepatitis’ work and is upset that Hepatitis is writing the ending and not the beginning of the play. Diabetes asks Hepatitis to write a play with a beginning, middle and end.
Touching Diabetes’ stomach, Hepatatis demands what about a circle? Diabetes says a circle has no beginning, middle or end but is not much fun either. Woody Allen’s 1975 play God was staged recently. The satire has its share of surreal moments and a play within a play. The costumes reflected the Seventies while the clean sound and natural lighting work to the play’s advantage.
When Hepatitis asks the audience if anyone has a major in philosophy, a girl in the audience replied she did from Christ College. In the play when Allen asked over the phone, about the philosophy student, Diabetes said, she has got no real answers like typical product of Christ College! The director, Kathiravan Karunandan said, “We were sure that audience would get the comic aspects of the play. The idea was to relate to the present, as otherwise there is no point of doing comedy.”
The play ends where it started with Diabetes and Hepatitis quarrelling over the structure of the play.