Imagine what summers would be if there were no thirst busters? We do not have to do that as there a whole bunch of quenchers available. The tea drinkers could try bubble tea from Taiwan. Also known as pearl milk tea or Boba milk tea, it is popular with tapioca pearls. Vidya Pai, of Big Straw outlet says “Our drinks are free of preservatives. The water and ice we use to make these drinks are RO (Reverse osmosis) treated.”
Natural drinks are a better choice rather than packaged drinks that come with artificial colours and flavours. “Smoothies are our most popular drink,” says Vidya. “We have flavoured edible balls made of tapioca. Sipping these in your straw is good fun.”
Ashish Mhatre, also from Big Straw says: “Though Bangalore is not very hot, people like to have chilled drinks.”
Apart from iced tea with tapioca balls, there are other drinks such as cold coffee with tapioca balls, fruit slush, fruit fizz, and many fruit flavoured drinks including mango, strawberry, litchi, pineapples, blueberry, passion fruit, vanilla and chocolate.
Aboy Manonbou of Bubl Brew says: “All of the drinks contain tapioca balls in it. Fruit fizz (soda) and slush are popular. Most youngsters who visit our outlet prefer chocolate drinks. We also have star shaped mango, strawberry, rainbow and coconut jelly balls which we put in kids drinks if they want.”
Whenever you visit these drinks stop in the city, you can find big straw displayed. These big straws are unique with which you can sip in and chew these jelly and tapioca balls so. Just enjoy your favourite healthy drink and chilling magic in your drink.