The way he greets Bangaloreans at his paan shop is endearing. His unique style of saying “Hello” to his customers makes Hello paanwala quite popular..
Rajbahadur Singh has an online presence. His Facebook page has more than 500 likes. Rajbahadur feels that while some people make money others earn love. “I don’t run after money, I earn love from people ,” he says.
Vanilla, mango, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, litchi and orange are among the flavours that he uses for sweet paan. The paan folding is pinned with toothpick and a cherry and stuffed with tiny ice cubes .
When asked about the unique concept of putting ice in the stuffed folded leaf, he laughs, “The customers like it. It is creative and ensures that people keep coming back. It makes me different from the rest.”He says, “Chocolate and strawberry flavours are most popular. Meetha paan is healthy and it helps in digestion and in resolving minor gastric problems.”
He says, “I have been serving people of all age groups from last 12 years. I hardly sell tobacco paan.” “Usually the size of paan should not be more than the size of our mouth but sometimes customers demand bigger size, which I serve them.” he says.
Singh also garnishes it with edible Chandi vark and Sona vark' (foil used to garnish Indian sweets). He says that the love of the people is key to his popularity.
Chocolate and strawberry flavours are the most popular. I don’t run after money, I earn love from people